3rd & Court Diner

A New Take on an Old Classic
Take me to the food

From the Owners of Sunrise Memphis

Roger Sapp, Craig Blondis & Chef Ryan Trimm have partnered together initially to bring you Sunrise Memphis.  Now on their third project together, they bring you their play on one of their favorites - the diner.

Unlike Sunrise Memphis, 3rd & Court aims for just a little more class, and a little more focus on the food. You won't find the fruit machines that were a staple in Sunrise Memphis. What you will find is a more thought-out menu, and better ingredients. If you want your gambling fix during your stay, you can always visit Casino.xyz/uk through your phone, for the latest casinos on the market.

Classic Diner APPEAL

From milkshakes and burgers to all the normal breakfast staples you’ve come to know and love, 3rd & Court is a very contemporary Downtown Memphis diner.

New take

Chef Ryan Trimm has pushed the boundaries by taking modern plays on old classics.

Come on In!

Sunday - Saturday

7 AM - 2 PM



24 N B B King Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38103

Payment options

We accept payments in cash, credit and debit cards. We are also one of the few restaurants in the south that accept payments via Paysafecard , a payment method that is mainly used in online casinos!